HR Performance Management Starter Kit

This kit is what you need to get your HR house in order. Leverage these tools to to help you check off the boxes around performance management. 

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“We are a relatively small organization with a diverse group of employees. As our operations grew, our Policies and Procedures (P&P) manual became outdated and misaligned to current organizational practices. As a small organization, we did not have the time nor subject matter expertise required to undertake this project. Therefore, we partnered with Sofia Arisheh from Upskill Consulting to revamp and roll out our policies in multiple jurisdictions. Sofia Arisheh was able to do a thorough needs assessment and lay out an appropriate approach to update and supplement all of our P&P. In addition, Sofia recognized that several key policies were not present but required/recommended to align with business practices and comply with respective legislation. We were also provided with a comprehensive internal communication policy for executive buy-in and employee roll-out. Dealing with HR matters effectively can be difficult at the best of times and even more difficult in a small organization where there isn’t a dedicated HR professional. Sofia/Upskill was very professional in all of our dealings, kept us on track throughout the process and provided high quality deliverables on time. The experience with Upskill was excellent from start to finish. Sofia is very professional and really knows what she is doing. She put us at ease throughout the project. We would recommend Sofia Arisheh and Upskill Consulting without hesitation.”

Octaform Systems Inc.

Performance Management Starter Kit

This kit includes:


Performance management checklist


Probationary period form and letter


Annual review form, with goal-setting and mid-year check-in


Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) and letter

HR Performance Management Starter Templates

Show your team you care and learn to love HR with this HR Performance Management Starter Kit.

This is meant to be a starter kit to give you the templates you need to get your system up and running.

The real magic happens with a customized approach to building a strong HR infrastructure that is catered to your company.

Our team has helped business after business streamline and strengthen their HR and people processes and practices that keep them legally compliant, support their growth with HR strategies, and deliver custom training that makes a difference.

To enhance this starter kit and explore customization of your HR processes and practices, contact us for a free consultation.

Note: The information provided in this kit is not intended to constitute legal advice. All information and materials available within this kit are for general and standard information purposes only and are based on legislation in British Columbia, Canada.

HR Performance Management Showcase

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