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Set your business up quickly and easily with expertly-created HR templates.


HR Compliance

Start here! This kit has the must-have documents to ensure your business is compliant with employment laws in BC.

Talent Management Starter Kit

Talent Management

Grow a strong team with templates for onboarding, job description, job analysis and more.

Performance Management Starter Kit

Performance Management

Measure, assess, and set goals for employee performance. This kit includes our key documents for Performance Management.

HR Culture & Engagement Starter Kit

Culture & Engagement

Set up your system to increase employee engagement, retention, job satisfaction, and more.

Are you struggling with the complexity of HR?

We understand that the moment your business starts expanding is also the moment you get to a tipping point with your HR and people processes and practices. This is a common scenario among businesses.

That’s where this starter kit comes into play! You will now have the tools to get you moving on building a foundation for your HR practices that check off the boxes around compliance. Protect your company and remain compliant with employment legislation.

You grow your company. We’ll help prepare your people.